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22 November 2020 @ 02:55 pm
R U L E S . Y O U . M U S T . R E A D
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T A B L E . O F . C O N T E N T S
(list of subbed videos by exotsia)
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15 June 2010 @ 08:35 pm
[sub]JYJ 3hree Voices Preview

hardsubs: http://www.mediafire.com/?wuo0y5kjjeq
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hello everyone =) I understand that many of you are not happy with me since I stopped subbing Sunao Ni Narekute. But please understand, it isn't fun to spend hours after hours doing something that you don't enjoy. You wouldn't want to do it so there isn't a reason for me to do it either. But I do apologize because I have let many of you down.

Recently, I have been wanting to stop subbing because of everything that is going on with DBSK. While I know there are many, many, many fans out there who are able to support the boys separated like this, I find it extremely difficult. Now, please do not stop reading here and bash the heck out of me in the comments because I have my own reasons as well. I'm not saying that my reasons are the only reasons either. Everyone is entitled to have their own ideas and opinions about everything. Some of you might agree with me and some may not.

PLEASE BE WARNED!!! The following is a rant written by me on the DBSK lawsuit situation, and JYJ's decision and the fact that they seem to be moving on. Please do not read if you are an avid keep the faith fan, an avid hater of SM, or an avid JYJ supporter. Only read if you want to know my opinion on recent events or if you side with Yunho and Changmin more on this lawsuit situation. Please understand that if you do read this and find it offensive in any way, do not bash me because everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I am merely posting mine in MY journal.

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