exotsia (exotsia) wrote,

R U L E S / T A B L E . O F . C O N T E N T S

R U L E S . Y O U . M U S T . R E A D
1. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, HARDSUB/ENCODE WITH MY SOFTSUBS YOURSELF!!! I'm pretty serious about this. I'll release the hardsub version so there's no need for you to dig out the programs and make a hardsubbed version. There's an even lesser need for you to upload it to a site. I will do that myself thank you very much~

2. NO HOTLINKING! Don't take my download links and post it anywhere else. Instead, link people to my journal.

3. Please leave a comment in my journal? I would appreciate it and it really encourages me to keep subbing

4. You are allowed to upload my subbed videos to streaming sites WITH proper credit.

5. Let me lay something out for you people who only take without commenting. What ever length the video is, i spend twice if not three times that time subbing it, encoding it, uploading it, and posting it for you guys. So a mere three seconds worth of "thank you" is the smallest thing I ask for.
-please comment here if you want me to add you back ^^
-please ask questions or post general comments here~

T A B L E . O F . C O N T E N T S
(list of subbed videos by exotsia)
DBSK Japanese/Korean Official DVDs : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/16273.html
DBSK Japanese Subbed Videos : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/16520.html

DBSK Korean Subbed Videos : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/16820.html
DBSK Raw (unsubbed) videos : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/17074.html
DBSK Pictures : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/17397.html
Other Artist Subbed Videos/Pictures: http://exotsia.livejournal.com/17428.html
TUTORIAL how to watch softsubs : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/15784.html
TUTORIAL how to see my screened link replies : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/20568.html
Request to re-translate my subs here : http://exotsia.livejournal.com/20882.html

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